The Tale of a Motorcycle and Two Motorsicles... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Wednesday, 02 May 2007 00:43
may 2-07.jpg…..As in popsicles, or icicles.

This morning we took the Moho to Barrie to get a front end alignment; something Rick has wanted to have done since we left Desert Hot Springs. On our way to Barrie, we stopped at the Hitchhouse, a Travel Supreme dealer, to see if they could do the needed paint work. Providing Travel Supreme gives them the go-ahead, they have assured us that they can complete the job here. It would mean that they would have the Moho for a week beginning on the 14th and we would move in with Christine and Fred (my sister and my bro-in-law). It would give us more time to visit with our friends and family and save us a trip south before heading west.

Our alignment appointment was for 9:00 AM and while it was being done we picked up some more car parts and then dropped by for a quck visit with Rick’s niece Taunja and her girls Faith and Bryden. We were back in Coldwater before noon and then prepared for our dinner date with Bill and Laura in Markham. Because it was a sunny day, warmer than it has been for a while, only 12°C (54°F) but warm enough with proper clothing, we decided to take the motorcycle. We donned our leather pants, two sweaters, leather jackets, boots, gloves and fleece scarves and the ride to Markham was great. On our way we visited with Rick’s mom in Stroud and the further south we got the warmer the air became.

Laura and Bill moved into their new home in Markham in December so this was our first time visiting them there. We had a great dinner and a wonderful visit; it was nice to see where the Bill and Laura will be setting up house as a newlywed couple in just a few days. After dinner we all went to nearby Unionville, a quaint village, for a stroll and a coffee before Rick and I continued on to Coldwater. By then Rick and I had each added a couple more layers to our attire anticipating a cooler ride home due to the lack of sun. Cooler is an understatement; it was only 4°C (39°F) when we arrived at our door at 11:30 PM and we were damn near frozen, blocks of ice almost and extremely happy (relieved?) to get inside. This morning when we first woke up the grass was covered in frost! Is it any wonder we were so cold?

Laura managed to get this picture of us riding the bike on our way over to Unionville. (P.S. Thanks Bill & Laura for a great evening!)