A Big Day for Sam PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Monday, 30 April 2007 16:00
may 1-07.jpgBit by bit we are getting through our “must-do’s” before we exit Ontario. This departure will be unlike any previous ones because we will officially be changing home provinces so there are a lot of loose ends that need tying before we go. Today it was Sam’s day for tying some.

First thing this morning Rick was a mechanic; he rotated tires and replaced the rotors and brake pads on the car. Then he became cat chauffer; together we drove Sam to our veterinarian for a check up and to get her rabies vaccination. Sam is a small Devon Rex and has always had adverse reactions to her shots so we are never happy when this time rolls around. Because she is an inside-only cat the only reason she needs her rabies shot is to appease the American customs people, but we must do what must be done in order to travel. We also make sure she gets a distemper shot but heart-worm and feline leukemia are omitted. Now that Sam is almost 12 years old (in September), she was also given a feline, geriatric screening which will test her organ functionality and her thyroid. If her results come back showing her to be healthy she will have to undergo some general anaesthetic to have her tartar covered back teeth cleaned. Considering Sam’s age, they are in pretty good shape especially because they have never been cleaned before but we are told she will feel better as a result.

It was a big day for Sam; her vaccinations also required a Benedryl booster to prevent an allergic reaction so she has been pretty sleepy all afternoon. When she was awake she required a little more lovin’ than normal which I was happy to give her.