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Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Sunday, 29 April 2007 11:27
apr 30-07.jpgWe were up very early this morning; partly because we had a lot to do today and partly because (much to our surprise) it was sunny out! Over the weekend we had written a list of calls we needed to make compiled partly from our recent stack of mail and because our condo is closing soon meaning our address will be changing. Once 8:00 AM rolled around we started making the phone calls, leaving BC calls for last (time difference) and the next thing we realized, it was almost noon.

We called several parts places, (Rick is making some modifications to the trailer), our current RV insurer, an ICBC broker, the Yaletown Park Condo people, a BC real estate lawyer and our accountant, among other folks. We have an appointment to take the Moho in for a front end alignment on Wednesday and to have it assessed at an RV body shop here to see if they can do the needed paint work. Having it done here would allow us to stay a little longer giving us more time to see our friends and family. On Friday we are heading over to Lindsay with the motorhome to see Armand, our satellite Internet guy, to get some upgrades added to our system which will speed it up and lower the monthly fee; certainly a worthwhile trip. On another positive note, we learned our Moho insurance will be half of what we pay now; another incentive to make BC our home province.

This afternoon, we headed into Barrie to get an oil change done on the car, pick up some parts for the trailer and meet up with Angie (Rick’s daughter) for lunch. We had hoped to do some more visiting with other family but we ran out of time and very quickly it was 7:00 PM and time to head home. So our first workday back became just that; a WORK day and we only skimmed the surface of the things we need to do before heading to BC.

Today’s picture is one Bill took yesterday at the McKerroll farm of one of their roosters…roosting in one of the trees!