Birthdays and Family PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Saturday, 28 April 2007 21:05

apr 29-07.jpgToday was a day of double celebrations; my brother-in-law Fred’s birthday and Laura’s dad, Paul’s birthday. We started our day at the Moho waiting for Fred to return from his weekend away. The sun did show up, as forecasted, and we enjoyed a warmer day with a high of 16°C (61°F). I was feeling the effects (again) of some air pressure changes so I was pretty low-key this morning while Rick gave the car a much needed thorough cleaning. It was also a NASCAR day so after the car cleaning was finished, Rick worked on our water softener (some needed repairs) while watching the race on the outdoor TV.

Fred arrived home shortly after 3:30 followed soon after by some of his family members to help celebrate his birthday. It was nice to be able to sit outside and visit with them while sharing some good laughs... a great family get-together. Once the NASCAR race was finished it was time for Rick and I to join another side of the family to celebrate Paul’s birthday and so we headed over to Horseshoe Valley.

Paul and his wife Marjorie used to be our next door neighbours when we lived in our stick & brick house so our friendship spans long before Bill and Laura became a couple. On our drive over to their house we saw several changes; new houses, old houses refurbished, older houses no longer there and a new llama farm. While it felt good to be in familiar surroundings we were surprised at the many changes. It was great seeing our old neighbours and we enjoyed their usual wonderful hospitality. Bill and Laura were there as well as both sets of her grandparents and her brother, Jesse and sister, Megan. Needless to say we spent some time discussing the upcoming wedding and after dinner we all walked around the farm to see where things will be laid out on the big day. (Bill and Laura’s wedding is being held at her mom and dad’s farm.)

Though the clouds moved in and rain is back in the immediate forecast, we had a perfect day for visiting, celebrating and spending time with family. The birthday “boys” are the featured picture today; Fred on the left and Paul receiving his cake from Megan on the right!