Blame It On The Canadians PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Thursday, 05 April 2007 13:34

apr 6-07.jpgSorry folks! Anyone trying to read yesterday’s entry which I tried posting last night would have not found it. I was up for two hours trying to load it and finally went to bed pissed off again because I couldn’t. I have been struggling for two days with pictures and I still don’t have them quite right, so frustrated is becoming a normal state for me. Finally this afternoon I was able to contact my web host, CanHost and learned that they are updating all their servers and as a result there have been a few hiccups, our website included. Arghhhhh!!Yell Anyway I am assured that things will run much smoother now once I get the picture layout sorted out. Once again, I beg you to bear with me while things get ironed out.

Today we left San Antonio before noon and drove east on Highway 10 heading for Houston. Before we left we checked the weekend weather for our destination and learned that once again the “damn” Canadians are sending nasty weather to Houston! Wouldn’t you know it; we are trying to avoid the weather up north by staying south and our country is sending their weather to Texas! Here’s the direct quote from the Weather Channel, “Unseasonably cold temperatures and periods of rain will affect southwest Texas this weekend. A cold Canadian high pressure system will sink south and settle over the southern plains.” Don’t you love it? We get blamed for weather in Houston Texas!

We are staying at the Lakeview RV Resort in south Houston for a week. The park is beautiful; wide easy to manoeuvre streets, large, level concrete sites with grass and picnic tables, free DSL and Satellite TV, a 4 acre fishable lake with a great, paved walking trail around it, an exercise room and a pool. The weather system is supposed to pass over the area in two days with warmer dryer weather moving in on Monday, no doubt from the Caribbean. We know for sure that Canada doesn’t send any good weather here!