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Tuesday, 20 January 2004 00:00

Today was spent doing laundry, riding my bicycle around the resort and organizing a vacation to the Florida Keys. It is still cool here; only 16C today and cold at night, 5C, but it is sunny though certainly not beach weather. Rick has been helping Graham and Gayle with some motorhome repairs so we haven't been exploring the area at all.

When organizing our Keys jaunt I have learned that in order to stay in RV parks in the Florida Keys, you need to reserve early and be prepared to pay more than average. Even though I have been twice before, I figured that if we are going to go to Florida, we have to go to Key West, just to say we have been to the southern most part of the USA. Gayle and Graham are new to the RV lifestyle and want to come with us, so we have planned to head south to the Florida Keys at the end of the month for a few days.

Yesterday, I started to research on the Internet and in some of the books we have, for possible campgrounds for us to stay at. This morning I started to call around to make reservations. It was not an easy task as most campgrounds have been fully booked for February for several months now. After some time, I got lucky and have made reservations for our two rigs in the first week of February. We are leaving here on the 1st and will be staying just outside of Naples, south of here for two nights, then two nights in the Miami/Everglades area. From there we will stay two nights on Long Key and finally two nights at Big Pine Key. We will make a day trip to Key West while we are at Big Pine as it is about 40 miles away. Getting a campsite in Key West would have required a lot more planning, something I will remember for the future.