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Saturday, 14 February 2004 00:00
Today was shopping day. Over the past few weeks we had compiled a list of things we found we needed. The list had grown enough by now that it was time to go shopping. Before we left Ontario, we had outfitted ourselves with everything we could think of that we felt were necessities, but we also knew that there would be things we overlooked.
Before we left Ontario, we had decided that we would not drink coffee anymore so we didn't bother bringing a coffeemaker with us. Besides the one we had in our stick & brick house would take up too much room anyway. Well, it seems we often seek out a coffee shop for our favourite cup of Java, which can get expensive (there are no Tim Horton's here) so we wanted to find a compact coffee maker. We also would like to keep track of the miles we ride while on our bikes, so we wanted an odometer. We have been dealing with tiny little ants coming into the motorhome, not biters but pesky just the same, so we needed some ant traps. Yesterday, while at the beach we wished we had a cooler to put some snacks in and the ones we had in Ontario, we gave away because they took up too much space. A collapsible cooler was also added to the list and so we found a Wal-Mart and a Target, two well known department stores and went through our list.
We stopped at Einstein Brothers Bagels for a coffee and a bagel on our way. We had discovered this great little eatery chain yesterday while we were out. They are similar to the Great Canadian Bagel chain at home, have good coffee and are a lot less expensive than Starbucks (which I think is highly overrated). I don't understand why Tim Horton's hasn't found a way to get into Florida. With all the Canadians here, I would imagine that they would do very well.
The rest of the afternoon was spent with me putting stuff away while Rick added our new toys to our bikes. Oh and by the way... Happy Valentine's Day! Kiss Here's Rickey busying himself outside while enjoying some great weather!