A NASCAR Race Day PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 15 February 2004 00:00

 Today is the 46th running of the Daytona 500, NASCAR's first race of the new season. As the name suggests, this race is held in Daytona, Florida, which is about 250 miles north of here. Rick would have loved to attend this race and be one of the other 200,000 or so spectators, but we don't have tickets for this event, so he will have to be content with watching it on TV. While we were in Ontario Rick tried to watch as many races in a year as he could, sometimes missing some, however he has made it a goal to watch every race now that he can, so race days will mean that I will be content with staying put.

I am not as much of an enthusiast of this sport as he is, however these races can be pretty exciting. Several years ago we had the opportunity to attend the final race (the Winston Cup back then) in Atlanta, Georgia. As a spectator, you don't see as much of the race as you can see on TV but the excitement exists just the same by being part of the massive crowd. There are huge areas, usually on the inside of the track for RV parking so I am sure that someday, we will be in that area with our RV. For now, though we will just be content with being on the outside looking in.

Here, there is a light on-and-off rain, which for me means it is a perfect opportunity to read, surf the net, nap, watch the race or just plain do nothing. I love rainy days for that reason, no matter where I am. In my mind, rain gives me an excuse for being lazy and sometimes I just need that justification. So you may not read about anything interesting here today but you should know that we are both having a great day!Wink