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Friday, 20 February 2004 00:00
 The forecast was much improved... overcast but calling for a high of 76F so we ventured up to Fort Lauderdale this morning. Depending on whether or not the sky cleared up would determine what we would do once we got there. If you want to get there quickly, the best way is via the Florida Turnpike, however A1A is the most scenic so that is the route we chose. There are several beaches, stores and restaurants along the way and as luck (??) would have it, we passed a Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shop with its red light flashing. When Krispy Kreme has their red light flashing it means that their donuts are freshly coming off the production line, warm and extremely sweet. I had never experienced these sinful treats before so we stopped to try one (or three). Oh dear, I see the need for a major fasting cleanse in the near future! Surprised
When we got to Fort Lauderdale Beach, I could see a huge change in it from the way I remember it 20 odd years ago. What I recall from years ago was that we drove along the beach, watching bathing beauties scattered over the beach and being able to park wherever there was a spot available. Now there are sidewalks, designated paid parking, crosswalks and huge condos rising up everywhere. The bathing beauties are still there when the sun shines and based on the restaurants, bars and cafes it is still a "Spring Break" destination.
Even though it was windy and cloud covered, it was warm so we walked along the beach for a while getting our feet wet in the surf. We had a good afternoon, though it would have been nicer had we seen the sun!