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Saturday, 28 February 2004 00:00
We were on the road today by 9:00AM and it was a glorious day for a drive, sunny and clear. By being westbound, as opposed to north or southbound, the traffic has noticeably decreased making it much more pleasant and the mercury gradually rose to about 17F (62F) which was a big improvement over yesterday. We are driving on Interstate 10, a really good road with no construction and nice rest areas every 30 miles. We are staying at Eagle's Landing RV Park for a few days at only $10.60 a night tax included for a full hook-up, a great deal. We joined a camping club, Recreation USA, which allows us to stay at various member resorts for $10.00 plus tax a night throughout the US. The membership costs $99 annually but it is well worth that when you are fulltiming or even part-timing. We are only about 45 miles from the Alabama border, 35 miles from Pensacola and well on our way to Dallas where we are meeting Rob and Rosanne on the 13th of March.
Once we got set up we headed into town, to Lowe's to talk to someone about the floor. It was still badly marked from the wine spill the other night and nothing seemed to be working. I looked at my watch and it said it was 3:30 PM, which was great, however when I looked at my cell phone, it said it was 2:30 PM. We are now in central time and we've gained an hour, which is even better. (We get an extra hour to sleep!) We ended up buying a phosphoric acid cleaner, which finally cured the problem and then resealed the floor again. It was a big job and we still have the bathroom area to do, but at least the stain is gone. What does wine do to our stomachs if it can etch marble?Undecided