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Sunday, 29 February 2004 00:00
 We were expecting another sunny day here, however the weatherman is wrong in all parts of North America so it was overcast and the expected high, in the low 20'sC (70's F) just didn't happen. Regardless, we ventured over to Pensacola Beach on Santa Rosa Island in the Gulf Coast. There is a mixture of boutiques, fine dining and funky eating establishments, bars, condos, hotels and private homes as well as preserved parkland and a national park. There is a multi-recreational path that runs parallel to the beach road for joggers, cyclists, skaters and walkers.
Today because of the high winds, the beaches were closed for swimming, surfing and snorkelling so we just walked and enjoyed the feeling of the white "sand" between our toes. The "sand" squeaks and we found out that it was actually pure white quartz washed down from the Appalachians eons ago then ground fine by the wind and waves! There is an ancient fort at one end of the island, Fort Pickens, that at one time held captive the famed native warrior, Geronimo and 17 other Apaches, in 1886 to 1887. The beautiful beach houses, many are rentable, sit on land with a 99-year lease because the beaches cannot be privately owned according to Florida law.
The average temperature at this time of the year is only 13C (55F) but the time to come here would be between May and September (of course you'd be dodging hurricanes) when it ranges between 24C (75F) to26C (82F). It's funny how I always thought Florida was too hot and humid in the summer without even considering the northern Gulf shores as a great destination. This area truly is magnificent and worthy of a longer visit at another time. We enjoyed a seafood lunch at "Crabs" located right on the beach and then headed back to the campground. It was a great day! Laughing