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Saturday, 25 September 2004 00:00
Karley and I wanted to attend the Body, Mind and Soul Exposition held at the PNE grounds over the weekend. Ian was going to work on the house and Rick had some cleaning to do, so it was a perfect opportunity for some mother/daughter stuff. We wandered around the show looking at the various booths and we both bought crystal nail files. After we were finished we went to Earl's for lunch and then to Costco before heading back to her place. After making plans for Karley and Ian to join us for dinner, I headed back to the campground.

When I got back, Rick was nowhere to be found. I unpacked my groceries and started to make preparations for dinner when finally my social butterfly a.k.a. husband emerged from a motorhome next door that had arrived while I was away. He had spent the day cleaning our roof but had managed to meet our new neighbours and a few other campers in the park. That is one of the many good things about my husband, his ability to make friends wherever he goes. I am so warmed by his friendly demeanour and his talent for making other people feel comfortable with him. He has a gift and it is one I enjoy observing because it is too easy for me to hibernate and withdraw. Contrary to popular belief, I can be rather shy and aloof, preferring to keep to myself which in this lifestyle can be a real detriment. My husband, on the other hand, goes out there and opens door for strangers, making friends wherever he is. I am indeed a fortunate person to have someone like him to share my life with!

Thanks Rick!