Perseverance PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 26 September 2004 00:00
It is another awesome day here and we decided to go kayaking at False Creek and Granville Island today with Karley and Ian. Rick and I had only gone once since we bought our inflatable kayak in Campbell River and I was a little reluctant. When we kayaked at Quadra Island earlier this summer, we discovered afterwards that we had under-inflated our vessel hence my apprehension for repeating the experience. We sat low in the kayak, it was awkward to manoeuvre and that memory was etched in my head so I was leery of kayaking again.

Today, we inflated the kayak until it was rock hard and we remained dry and sat up high in the kayak. My whole attitude has changed as we had a wonderful time on the water with Karley and Ian in their rented kayaks. It goes to show that it is important for me not to give up so easily and that I should persevere. We paddled around False Creek enjoying the scenery, the other paddlers and the dozens of boaters. Granville Island was alive with people everywhere enjoying the second coming of summer. After we were finished we wandered around the Granville Market, enjoying an early dinner before heading home.

When we got back, Karley gave Rick and I a quick trim, which we both badly needed before heading home and I have to say, I love living so close to my hairdresser again!