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Monday, 27 September 2004 00:00
I had hoped that we would be connecting to the Internet via our satellite dish again by the end of the day. Today, Scott at Techmobile in Lindsay called me first thing in the morning and after some intensive over-the-phone diagnostic procedures, we finally narrowed down the problem. It required removing all the equipment in the motorhome to Ian's house in order to have access to cable and reinstalling all the software. Long story short, at the end of a frustrating day, we were still not active, however there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

I had wanted to poke around Vancouver but as a result of the computer issue, it just didn't happen. Instead, after we left Ian and Karley's, we went to Banyen Books and Sound, a wonderful bookstore on 4th Avenue to buy a "Hemi-Sync" CD. Last Thursday I asked my Channelling teacher, Susan Harris, how to attain a deeper level of meditation, something my busy mind has difficulty with and she suggested this CD. I simply cannot seem to find that place in my brain where all things remain quiet and these CD's are designed to assist people like me. Hemi-Sync is a patented, scientifically and clinically proven audio-guidance technology that was developed by the Monroe Institute after over 40 years of research. It works by sending different tones to each ear (through stereo headphones), which brings the two brain hemispheres in unison allowing people like me to achieve a state of deep relaxation, facilitating meditation. I guess all I can do is try it and see if it helps so I'll keep you posted on my progress.

While we were at Banyan, we decided to grab a quick bite at Aphrodite's Café, an eatery nearby dishing up fabulous organic fare and it was a treat to eat food that was not only really tasty but good for us as well. After a long aggravating day, it was exactly what I needed because our day seemed to have disappeared and I felt like we had accomplished nothing. Hopefully tomorrow, with Scott's help, the satellite issue will be resolved and we'll be online again! This is a picture taken at Granville Island.