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Tuesday, 28 September 2004 00:00
It is day two of the computer saga and there have been moments where all I wanted to do was smash everything and other moments when I wanted to cry. Who would think that some crazy electronics could have such an effect over a human being?!? Anyway, after a great deal of hassle and discomfort (the equipment is tucked away deep in a cupboard and hard to get at), we have limited Internet access via the satellite. By limited, I mean that it still needs more tweaking (it's incredibly slow) before I can safely say that we are up and successfully running.

Fortunately for the past two days we have both thoroughly enjoyed the use of the pool and hot tub here. The frustration I have managed to feel over this whole satellite ordeal is pretty intense at times but it can be somewhat released with a long swim followed by a relaxing hot tub. The other advantage of swimming is that it provides a good form of exercise that I am badly in need of. One of the joys of ageing is that my flexibility is becoming reduced (it seems weekly, which really sucks) and I find that swimming allows me to stretch my spine, which in turn helps with my agility. The thing is that it happened so subtly; one day I could bend down and touch my toes and the next, it hurts to get out of bed!

Lately my inspiration has been from limited to non-existent for which I apologize. Part of the reason I keep this journal is so that I have a record of our days, where we are, what we do and it is a good practice for me to write daily regardless of interest value. I know some of these entries can be quite tedious and I ask that you continue to read but please be patient with me. I know it is just a matter of time before my creative juices start flowing again and there is some true entertainment here for you too. In the meantime I thank you for plugging in! Here is the pool we enjoy so much!Laughing