Cross Your Fingers! PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 September 2004 00:00
Today is day three of satellite Internet frustrations but I am determined to get this thing working. Scott has established that we have a virus or some other little bug eating up our broadband on the server hence the ridiculously slow Internet access speeds. Again we had to pull the equipment out from its cubbyhole, which means displacing everything from that cupboard to piles on the floor making the motorhome look very messy. We are getting to the bottom of this problem but the time difference between here and Ontario is making communications with Scott difficult. I feel like I am caught up in a time warp but I have decided that with patience and perseverance, we will make this thing work the way it is supposed to.

The weather has been fabulous since Friday and we have taken the time to be outside as much as possible to bask in the sunshine. Typically the days have started with a blanketing fog, which burns off around noon and because I have been occupied with this satellite issue we haven't done much. Today we stayed at the campground all day because we are also preparing to move to a larger site tomorrow. The owner has been resurfacing and enlarging a number of sites since last week and even though there are still lots of campers coming and going from here daily, the "residents" are few so we can be choosy. Our new site will give us a larger "patio" area and more privacy because we won't be beside the main walkway to the pool.

Keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow will be my lucky day and I will be back online from the Moho via satellite once again! Smile