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Thursday, 30 September 2004 00:00
Okay, sorry about writing about my Internet woes again but finally on day 4, today we have satellite Internet at last... running at the speed it should with a clear signal. Yes, I am very excited considering we haven't had the dish working since May 13th!! We did have cable in Metchosin on Vancouver Island but we left there on August 1st and have only had limited access at stores and Karley's ever since. When you consider that this system was a $6,500 option, you can understand why I wanted to get it working again. Finally both Rick and I can get online whenever we want to and for as long as we want without tying up the phone line.

We have also moved into a new, much larger site and we are no longer concerned that someone will accidentally scratch the side of the motorhome while walking on the path to the pool. We are only 50 yards over from where we were before but it is a corner site and is closer to the parking area where we have to keep our car.

The day was glorious right from the start, as we woke up to clear blue sky and sunshine with no fog at all. We were able to go for our morning swim before my call to Scott to complete the final fix on the server and the rest of the day just eased by. When we moved the motorhome even the Bell Express Vu didn't lose its signal, which is quite unusual. Rick spent the afternoon cleaning inside and out while I got caught up on my emails and at the end of the afternoon the motorhome sparkled. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am looking forward to reconnecting with my inspiration.
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