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Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Sunday, 24 September 2006 19:37
2006-09-25a.jpgHiking up into the mountains did give us the advantage to see the lake from a different vantage point.

2006-09-25b.jpgSo folks...this is what a pile of bear poop looks like close up. Do you think they like berries?

2006-09-25c.jpgOn our hike, periodically we would come across small falls, creeks and rivers. Our feet were getting to the state where this looked pretty inviting.

2006-09-25d.jpgI was just playing with the camera and I liked the way these trees framed this shot.

2006-09-25e.jpgWaterfalls just seemed to appear out of nowhere.

2006-09-25f.jpgSomewhere up there was our destination. Is it any wonder we didn't get to it?

2006-09-25g.jpgRickey, my backpack carrier looking very much like an experienced hiker!

2006-09-25h.jpgHere you can see where we came from...behind Rick. Though we were tired, the beauty around us was energizing.

2006-09-25i.jpgThe circle indicates our target; the tunnel that would have eventually led us to Crypt Lake. It was not to be!

2006-09-25j.jpgIn the distance there are narrow waterfalls coming over the cliff in the middle. We could hear them for a long time and they weren't near to us at all.

2006-09-25k.jpgHere is Rickey as we start to make our way back. The path becomes very narrow here.

2006-09-25l.jpgMore waterfalls! Though they aren't spectacular the sound of them and nothing else is pretty cool!

2006-09-25m.jpgAt this point the trail appears so easy and peaceful. Unfortunately, this part of the trail was shortlived!

2006-09-25n.jpgThere is Mr. Bear as he saunters away from us boring old humans!

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