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Sunday, 26 June 2005 16:00
Yesterday we were able to get our temporary licence plates for the motorcycle so we thought today would be a good day to go for a cruise on it. The weather here is still very hot and true to Central Ontario, humid, but it was also a good day to test our new toy.

First, after visiting my mother, we decided to head over to Lindsay to visit Helen. She was anxious to see the motorcycle and was keen to go for a ride, which Rick was more than happy to take her on, (they are pictured here!). From there we returned home and we were surprised at how tired we were but I suppose, between the intense heat and the newness of riding it should have been expected. We had made plans to go to Coldwater to hook up with Rob and Rosanne (who also have a cruiser) and go for a ride with them and because Rob was working until after 5:00, we had time for an afternoon nap.

Once Rob and Rosanne were ready to go, the four of us on two bikes rode first to the Big Chute where we had dinner at the restaurant. We then headed over to Midland and from there we took Highway 93 to Waverly on our way back to Coldwater. Riding as a passenger on the bike allowed me to enjoy the scenery and notice the changes that have occurred since we left here in 2003. As we drove through the countryside, we inhaled the aroma of freshly mown hay and occasionally we would catch the scent of Sweet Grass as well. Just as we were leaving Midland, a large grey wolf hunkered across the highway in front of us and then stood in the field staring back at us, possibly wondering just what we were. After saying our goodbyes, Rick and I headed home where we happily fell in to bed, exhausted from riding 309 kilometres on our first day. Hmmmm......Are we too old to take up motorcycling?