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Monday, 27 June 2005 16:00
This evening Rosanne and I got together for a dinner date with Liane Gallant, an old friend who has re-crossed my path recently. Liane first came into my life in 1989 as an employee of mine when I owned Handi-Maids, my cleaning service. Liane had lost her husband to illness the year before and working for me was just a temporary six month job that allowed her to work the hours that were more compatible with her school aged children's. It was the second year that we owned the resort and I often assigned a cleaning team to help us out there so in that time she got to know Jim as well.

I ran into her again in the fall of 1993 shortly after Jim's death at Horseshoe Valley where she was working. Rick and I were merely friends at that time and ironically we were there talking about Jim and consoling each other over our loss. I didn't see her again until just recently when I came across her website strictly by chance. She too practices Reiki and embarked on her spiritual journey several years ago and now she has come back into my life and consequently, Rosanne's.

Liane's life has changed a lot in the past 10 years. She is a personal coach and she has helped to organise the Barrie Psychic Fair for several years in the past as well as many other metaphysical events in the area. After meeting Rosanne and experiencing her spiritual healing firsthand, Liane has decided to help her to share her gift with a greater number of people. Liane is going to promote Rosanne by organising some public events in Barrie where Rosanne will be able to do her work in front of a larger group and finally start earning some money in the process. This is an exciting time for her and I am happy that I have been able to play a hand in it. We spent our evening discussing our lives now, how our paths are converging, how our lives are changing and upcoming plans. And this is just another example of it why I believe everyone crosses our paths at just the right moment, exactly when they are supposed to!