Making a Decision PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 July 2005 00:00
For weeks now, we have been very undecided about how we will transport our motorcycle and car when we are on the move. The motorcycle is something we really wanted and we had to look at all possibilities to decide just how we would contain it and the car.

We considered an open car trailer that would have room for both; we looked into the lift system that would store the bike on the back of the motorhome; we looked into towing a small motorcycle trailer behind the car; we checked out a dolly device that would hold the bike while towing the car, two wheels down and we settled on ordering an enclosed trailer. It was not a decision that came easily but it is one that seems to be the best one for us. Rick went on a forum posing a question to see what others have done before us and the overwhelming majority recommended an enclosed trailer.

Finding the right trailer was also an ordeal because we priced dozens of them supplied by everyone from dealers to manufacturers from both Canada and the USA before coming to a decision. We finally settled on a trailer manufactured here in Ontario hopefully with a V-nose, 22 feet long that can handle the vehicles and a few other things we carry around. Rick (the ex-professional truck driver) has explained to me how the brakes on the trailer will actually help if we ever need to make a sudden stop. He is happy that he can lighten the load in the motorhome while increasing the overall safety of our rig with the added bonus of our vehicles remaining clean between destinations. We have ordered it so that it is colour co-ordinated (of course) and we should take delivery of it at the end of the month. AND now we have a few towing devices to sell; the base plate, the tow bar and the stone shield (which hopefully we can do before we hit the road again in September).