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Tuesday, 12 July 2005 16:00
Because of Jamie's position as a pilot with Bearskin Airlines, he is able to get plane tickets with Air Canada for his parents at a significant discount; a little perk that is greatly appreciated. However, our status is as "stand-by" passengers and we risk not getting on the flight we are registered for. Today, even though at first the flight showed lots of availability, we were bumped from the 10:00 AM flight due to an influx of passengers from a delayed connection. We arrived in Vancouver at 1:20 instead of the original time of 12:00 noon however our luggage arrived before us so we didn't have to wait for it. I had called Karley from Toronto so she knew when to meet us and she had our luggage and Makai in hand when we landed.

At first, Makai cried when he saw us, partly because we were a little overwhelming and because Granni had a hat on. Once I removed it and we drove to the house, Makai was all smiles and he was quite happy to get the hugs that we were giving. He has four new teeth and his hair just might be a tiny bit thicker than when we saw him last in Ontario a few weeks ago.

It is great to be back in Vancouver, still feeling very much like home to us, and be able to breath warm, bug free air again. In contrast to the mugginess of Ontario, we are comfortable and can enjoy sitting outside on the front porch at dusk with no concerns of being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Once Ian got home from work, we enjoyed a dinner of inexpensive (another nice thing about being here), fresh sushi and got caught up on each other's news. For the next few days we will relax and enjoy our time with the happy family as well as do some babysitting, a task we are looking forward to.