Feeling At Home PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 July 2005 16:00
Yesterday, before Ian returned from work, Karley, Makai, Rick and I went for a walk along the drive where we saw the usual eclectic assortment of stores and shoppers. There was a mini music festival of sorts being held in the nearby Grandview Park so we made our way there to see what it was about and so that Makai could ride on a swing. Unfortunately, we arrived during one of the breaks between acts but the park was alive with moms and tots, children, teens and music lovers alike. After Makai enjoyed a ride on the swing we walked back but it was a nice "welcome back" for us and we realized how much we missed being here.

This morning Karley was giving a client a new hairstyle, so we volunteered to baby sit Makai and Spencer, (Karley's client's little boy) while the process took place. It was interesting to watch Makai's reaction to his little friend, a month younger than he and to see the differences a month can make in a child's development. Rick and I took both boys in their strollers for a walk along The Drive and poked around the shops, some of them new since we were last here in March. When we returned both mothers were ready to feed their offspring before Spencer and his mom, Yolanda, ventured home.

We then drove with Karley and Makai to Granville Island to go to our favourite coffee shop and to buy some fresh greens and some smoked tuna for tonight's dinner. The market was thriving with vendors and an array of musicians throughout, entertaining the throngs of tourists and shoppers. It was a perfect day to be there, sunny and warm, and we enjoyed our coffees while we wandered around making our purchases. The familiarity of the market felt wonderful and I have to say, we're really feeling quite at home again!