Recovering From Race Day PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 07 August 2005 16:00
When we left the NASCAR race yesterday, the other two hundred thousand race goers were also leaving so the chaos was quite amazing. It took us over an hour and a half to actually leave the area in the car and that was after the police closed all roads to incoming traffic, making every lane available for outgoing only. We were hungry and in our quest to leave the city we went about an hour out of our way to find a restaurant that wouldn't be overflowing with other race fans. By the time we ate, drove back to Bremen then Wakarusa, it was after midnight before we literally collapsed into bed, exhausted.

You can imagine how excited we were to get up at 5:00 this morning to greet the service technicians at their usual starting time of 6:00 AM. Wouldn't you know it though; this morning they didn't start until 7:00 therefore we could have slept longer and so we were less than energetic all day.

We drove to the campground to get Gayle and Graham and we then went to Nappanee for breakfast. We spent a good part of the morning exploring in the several antiques stores there and then drove back to the Travel Supreme service centre to check on the progress of the motorhome. Most of our new furniture is in place and things are looking pretty good but a couple of the cupboards won't be delivered until Wednesday. Until then, the pictures you'll see here will be of the places we visit or the people doing the visiting!