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Saturday, 13 August 2005 16:00
The rain finally seemed to stop last night and with the exception of a couple of showers overnight, it was only overcast this morning when we woke up. Today we left the Pla-Mor Campground under cloudy skies and headed northeast towards the Canadian border in Windsor. Our destination this day was Leamington on Lake Erie and only 40 minutes over the border.

The drive up remained dry but there was evidence that there had been rain overnight along the way. We had eaten breakfast at the campground before leaving so we drove until 1:30 PM when we stopped at a Tim Horton's in Michigan. It had been opened only for a few months and unlike its Canadian counterparts, was relatively quiet with much slower service. We had heard that the US version of Tim's coffee wasn't as good but we found it to be no different with the exception of the size. The menu was virtually the same however; the coffee sizes were the way they used to be in Canada. Their small is the same size as our mediums, their mediums like our larges and their larges like our extra large coffees...quite a difference.

We arrived at the Sturgeon Woods Campground and Marina just a couple of miles from Point Pelee National Park as the clock was approaching 4:00 PM. Once we were settled in the park, Rick, Rosanne, Gayle and I went for a drive to a nearby produce stand to pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables and to check out the area. We realized that this was part of Ontario we had planned to visit while we were here this summer but somehow the time slipped by. We will try being tourists in Ontario at another time but for now I guess this little visit will have to do.