Being A Grandparent Is A Fun Role PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 17 September 2005 16:00
Yesterday afternoon, Karley and Makai came back with us to the RV Park for a while. Karley was hoping to take Makai for a swim in the pool but our timing wasn't in synch with his and she put it off for another day. Instead, Rick carried him for a walk on his shoulders around the campground where he was totally engrossed by the activities and the RV's.

Today, Karley had her first art class (one of a series) held at the Emily Carr Institute at Granville Island, her birthday gift from Ian. Just before she left at 9:30 AM for her 10:00 class, Karley put Makai down for his nap and while I babysat, Rick drove her to class so that later Makai, Rick and I could meet her for lunch at the market. The weather today is mainly sunny with a high in the low 20'sC so a trip to Granville Market after Makai's nap would be ideal.

He woke up shortly after 11:00, so we loaded him and all the necessary baby paraphernalia in the car and headed over to Granville. We got lucky with our parking spot and we were able to go for a nice long walk around the waterfront, watching the people and boats while basking in the sunshine. Soon enough, Makai was indicating that he was hungry so we went into the market where our luck continued and we immediately found a table. While Rick entertained Makai, I went on the hunt for something appropriate for his lunch. At one of the many booths, I found a vegetarian shepherds pie, which I hoped had all the right ingredients that he would enjoy. The little munchkin devoured a large portion of it as well as some berry crumble and two small squares of watermelon. He has a great appetite and seems quite open to trying new foods and while we enjoyed our lunch, he drank his juice and played contentedly with a toy. We are liking our roles as grandparents even more so lately with the onset of his age and the fact that he is so easy to get along with. His sweet demeanour and good behaviour are a testament to his parents who are obviously doing a terrific job of raising him!