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Monday, 19 September 2005 16:00
Never in my life, have I met someone who enjoys cleaning like my husband! It is when he is polishing, organizing and fixing anything that he is most in his element and since we arrived here, he has been doing all three. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love that about him but he is so predictable. This afternoon while I was sitting outside reading in the sunshine, he was happily sitting at the wheels of the motorhome, buffing the polished aluminium until he could see his reflection.

Christine and Fred returned from their Vancouver Island adventure shortly after 6:00 PM and shared with us some of their sightseeing tales. They had the opportunity to spend time in Campbell River and Tofino like we did last year. The weather on the island was sunny and warm for their entire stay and it seems they brought it back to Vancouver with them. Today the weather here was gorgeous, with nary a cloud in the sky and the mercury hit 21C.

After a dinner of barbequed salmon burgers we decided to go for a drive around the city because in two days, Christine and Fred are flying back to Ontario. We drove over to West Vancouver and crossed into Stanley Park from Capilano over the Lion's Gate Bridge. From there, we drove downtown, then into Gastown where we decided to park and walk around for a while. It was a good night for a stroll to see the steam clock and despite the fact that it was late, there were still a couple of shops open to poke around in too. We are hoping tomorrow the good weather continues so we can have a good "last day" with our guests showing them a few more sights before they leave on Thursday.