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Wednesday, 05 October 2005 16:00
Yesterday, I had my second appointment with Dr. Peter Zhou, for acupuncture, cupping and Chinese massage, all in aid of repairing the tendonitis in my shoulder. Last week, after my first session with him and with Caroline Abram, the osteopath, my shoulder has seen a marked improvement. Yesterday's session with Dr. Zhou was as interesting and effective as the first and I am confident that I will regain the full use of it again soon. The whole process is not just helping my shoulder, as both practitioners are aware of my degenerative disc problem in my neck and they are helping it too. All together by the time we leave here, the cost of this "alternative" care will cost about $500, a small price to pay to have a functioning shoulder and pain-free neck.

If I had treated myself with this kind of care when I had my first whiplash accident (and my second and third) while still in my 20's, I wouldn't require so many of these treatments now. Instead, I relied on modern medicine, x-rays and drugs to get me through and here I am today no further ahead than when I first injured myself. It's funny how until I matured, I couldn't justify spending time or money for any kind of alternative healthcare. I never thought about how ineffective I would be as a parent and a partner if I were disabled... (after all I was young and infallible) and I believed that doctors had all the answers. Many of us cannot fathom spending money on our personal healthcare yet we don't even blink an eye when it comes to buying a lottery ticket or a pass for a sporting event or a dinner out, all gone at the end of the day. I have to wonder, "Why is that?"

Once I hit the big 4-0, it seems wisdom took hold of my brain and I finally understood how important it was to look after "me". Now I will spend what it takes to keep this body healthy so I don't spend my senior years physically disabled because I didn't value myself enough when I was younger. Modern medicine did nothing to help me before hence I know now that medications to numb the pain are not the answer. In a perfect world, alternative healthcare would run hand-in-hand with modern medicine but until then, the kindest thing I can do for me is to see reputable, alternative healthcare practitioners for the best care.Here is another picture taken at Burnaby Lake.