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Saturday, 15 October 2005 16:00
We awakened to the sound of rain hitting the roof and we wished it had waited at least until we had hooked up the trailer to the back of the motorhome. Yesterday, we basked in warm sunshine all day and though rain was in the forecast for today, we still had our fingers crossed that the forecast would be wrong. It was all of 11C and the rain was teaming down but I was able to direct Rick back to the trailer hitch, (with his expertise, it was easy) rain and all and we were on the road by just after 9:00 AM.

We crossed from BC into Washington at the Cloverdale crossing which boasted a five-minute delay. Of course, that all changed once we squeezed into the narrow lanes leading to the border kiosk and realized that we wouldn't make the abrupt turn with the trailer. With the help of an unusually nice border guard, who held back traffic (while getting soaked in the pouring rain) as Rick backed up, we were able to reposition into the lane beside us, holding up three lanes of cars in the process. I'm sure there were some less than kind words being muttered under the breaths of the many drivers now delayed 10 to 15 minutes behind us.

As we approached Seattle, the temperature rose a whole degree but we got a reprieve from the rain for a while, a good thing considering the heavy traffic we were driving in. We observed Washington's version of autumn colours, lots of contrast, but pale in comparison to what is seen in Ontario. There were subdued browns, muted oranges and dull yellows but none of the brilliance we see in the east and perhaps it made us appreciate what Ontario has to offer a little more.

By the time we reached Portland, around 3:00 (we stopped twice along the way, once for lunch onboard) the countryside was green and dry and the temperature rose to 20C. As we pulled into the RV Park in Eugene where we are staying for the next week, it was still warm and the sky was a turquoise blue with orange-streaked clouds caused from a glorious sunset. Yup, this is why we live this life!