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Sunday, 16 October 2005 16:00
Yesterday, as we were trekking down the road, we discovered that our new wireless back-up camera on the trailer wasn't working. Because of the pouring rain and our time constraints (we were reserved at Deerwood RV Park in Eugene), we decided to wait until today to see what was wrong. We had tested the camera while we were in Vancouver but it wasn't yet installed on the trailer (it was parked away in a parking lot) and it worked fine, but yesterday the monitor was blank. This morning after a variety of different tests, Rick determined that the camera was defective and after talking to the supplier, who also confirmed that premise, we will be receiving a new one by Thursday.

As a result of our camera ordeal, we didn't go out for our long awaited motorcycle ride until after lunch. The weather here this afternoon was partly cloudy with the temperature around 20C and the latest forecast indicates that there will be rain moving into the area tonight. We decided to venture to Florence, about 60 miles west of here on the coast, via Highway 126, a well-used, busy highway that winds through the Siuslaw National Forest. My friend, Rosanne has told me that one of her favourite things about riding is being able to really smell the scents that are out there and today, I totally understood her. The deep musky smells from the thick, mossy forest followed by the fresh salt air as we neared the ocean were divine.

As we travelled along the countryside we absorbed the scenery, the smells and the changes in temperature, going from clear to hazy, musty to fresh and warm to cool. From Florence, we cruised south along the scenic coastal Highway 101 to Reedsport where we took Highway 38 east back towards Eugene. On Highway 101, we passed the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and then as we ventured east, we passed through a wildlife refuge where we saw dozens of elk enjoying the safety of their surroundings. On Highway 38, we experienced less traffic and more beauty as we followed alongside the Umpqua River where we saw several fishermen trying their luck from their boats.

By the time we arrived back at the motorhome it was after 6:00 PM and the clouds forecasted for tomorrow were moving in. If the weatherman is right we may not see sunshine again for a couple of days but at least we had a great riding day today and it confirmed that buying the bike was the right thing to do.