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Friday, 28 October 2005 16:00

We are adjusting very well to the quiet nights here...maybe even too well! Usually I wake up once or twice through the night, even staying awake for a while but since we arrived in the desert, I sleep soundly for a full eight hours and I have to say, I love it. It reminds me of my "sleep ability" prior to becoming a mother, (having children adjusted my sensitivity to sound) and sometimes I almost feel guilty. Once we woke up this morning, we set about delivering the weekly schedule to all the campers in the lower campground, where we are parked. That is one of our small tasks in the volunteer program here and it ties in nicely with our morning walk.

After we finished our breakfast, we decided to venture out on the motorcycle (with it's brand new tire) and go to Palm Desert, just 10 miles away. We wanted to check out the "Street Fair", a weekly event held on Saturdays and Sunday on the grounds of the College of the Desert. Riding the bike in such warm weather was something we were looking forward to doing after riding in the cooler climate in Oregon. We drove east on Dillon Road just to enjoy the scenery and the feel of the warm air brushing past our faces and I quickly learned that I need to buy a denim jacket because leather just "ain't going to cut it" here. We then headed south to Indio and west again on Highway 5 back to Palm Desert (yes, Dillon Road was the long way there).

The Street Fair was huge and consisted of 340 vendors selling very unique wares as well as some for the usual stuff and a farmers market where just about every fruit and vegetable can be had for a price. After an hour and a half, we made a few small purchases, including one of delicious freshly squeezed lemonade (it was 30C and we needed it) and we then rode over to Costco. There we bought some fresh tuna steaks and portabella mushrooms at a fabulous price and some organic lettuce and headed home. After a long, leisurely swim in the pool, we enjoyed our Costco dinner and a movie on TV before drifting off into another deep sleep.