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Saturday, 29 October 2005 16:00

Last night the clocks went back an hour while we were sleeping giving us an extra hours' sleep (if we knew about it). But instead it seems we just woke up an hour sooner than we thought we did and it took us a couple of hours to figure out why it was even quieter than usual here.

Sunday is NASCAR day and because we are on the west coast and the race was being held in Atlanta, it came on TV here at 9:00 AM (the new time). I have become friends with a young single lady RVer here and today she asked me if I was interested in attending a holistic fair being held in Cathedral City, near here. What a perfect way to leave Rick alone to enjoy his race uninterrupted and me an opportunity to spend some time exploring a topic more interesting to me! We headed over to the fair shortly after 10:00 AM and found an eclectic gathering of spiritual-minded people displaying everything from crystals to natural cosmetics. There were also some energy healers, psychics, aura-readers and other metaphysical workers. I met some very interesting people and made some connections here in the valley where I can pursue my interests in spiritual matters at a later date.

Afterwards, Jennifer (my friend) and I went to Clarks Nutrition & Natural Foods Market, a new health food grocery store that opened recently in Rancho Mirage. What a fabulous find; the store is huge and carries a large variety of both organic and natural foods. We were both excited by so many choices and neither of us left there empty-handed. Once we got back to the park, I found Rick in his glory polishing the motorhome and happy that his favourite NASCAR driver, Jeff Gordon, had come in second place. It seems we all had a great day!