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Saturday, 19 November 2005 16:00

After spending the past four days in computer geekdom, today truly was a day of rest and I enjoyed every minute of it. First I tidied things up in the motorhome and then I went outside and swept and tidied the patio. Jennifer joined me and we did some Pilates, something she had never done before and something I hadn’t done for a very long time. Even though some of the moves were still easy for me, many were almost impossible but it sure felt good to awaken those muscles once again. Jennifer learned through her attempts that Pilates wasn’t as easy as it looked and we both agreed that we need to do it more often.

Afterwards we took her two dogs, Penny and Rainbow, for a walk in the desert where Jennifer takes them at least twice a day. While the dogs enjoyed running and digging in rabbit holes, I took a couple of photographs so folks reading this will finally know what Jennifer looks like. (By her clothes you'd think it was cold out but actually we were enjoying a high of 27C.) Later she gave me a fabulous massage which I reciprocated with a Reiki treatment. Through Jennifer’s magic touch, during my massage we discovered that the bulk of my “shoulder” problem stems from my neck which she was able to relieve a little. All in all we had an incredible day, just hanging out together and doing nothing but pampering ourselves.

I have only been on my computer twice today (for me, a real milestone) to check my email and I received one from Karley’s friend Brandie. So, Brandie if you are reading this, please send me your email address again and your phone number because when I responded to you, my letter came back to say your address was invalid.