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Saturday, 03 December 2005 16:00

For some reason as yet unknown to us, Rick and I both went to bed last night with headaches and as the night progressed, so did our headaches. No, we did not have carbon monoxide poisoning and there was no inclement weather to indicate an air pressure problem. Rick was able to rid himself of his headache with some aspirin but I wasn’t so fortunate and I continued to suffer with mine on the left side of my head throughout the day today.

We went for a swim this morning even though it was colder than it has been because I had hoped that some exercise would alleviate my aching head. The warm water did feel good and the cool air seemed to numb my head but the pain continued to linger. Neither Rick nor I had much energy today and we found ourselves just wanting to lie around and watch TV all afternoon. I dozed on and off all day because I lacked the energy to do anything else and now my left shoulder blade was in pain as well!

Then, late in the day, our “angel” neighbour Jennifer came over with her “gifted” hands and gave me a massage. She magically found the source of my pain, a huge rock-hard knot deep in my shoulder, which she gently manipulated until it released. Jennifer, a registered nurse and a gifted massage therapist definitely saved me from spending what was left of my day in bed. While Jennifer worked on me, Rick went for a walk around the RV Park taking pictures. My headache has subsided and I can move my shoulder freely again! We certainly are fortunate to have Jennifer as our friend and she is just one more reason why we love being here.