Rick, the Traveller PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 04 December 2005 16:00

Today Rick is flying back to Ontario to help Jay to pack up his house along with our belongings that he has been storing for us. We have organized for a moving company to leave a container at Jay’s house which Jay and Rick will load with the contents of the house. Once the container is filled, the company will then ship it out to Vancouver where Jay is moving to. Our stuff will go into the storage unit that we have rented out there and Jay’s belongings will go into his next home. Initially the plan was to rent a U-Haul truck and trailer which Jay and Rick would have driven across the country together; however the cost was at least three times more than the container. This way Jay can leave when he is ready to and Rick will only be gone for a week.

As difficult as it is to leave the warm weather here for the cold winter weather of Ontario, Rick is looking forward to seeing some family members while he is there. Because we used Airmiles to book this trip, he had to take the itinerary that was made available to him. Rick’s “first” flight took him out of here at 4:10PM to Las Vegas where he has a long “layover” so he’ll have to kill six hours before he gets on the next flight, which will take him directly to Toronto. Fortunately, he’s not a serious gambling man, so I don’t have to worry about him killing the bank account in the process but he’s bound to have some fun while he’s there.

After I dropped him off at the airport I headed back to the motorhome where I promptly “crashed out” on the bed. Unfortunately, I am suffering from a severe migraine headache, a continuation of the one that started Saturday night and sleep gives me some relief. It has taken me forever to write this because my fingers just wouldn’t cooperate with my brain and I am just praying that it subsides soon. Bye again Rickey, I miss you already and am counting down the days until you return!