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Tuesday, 06 December 2005 16:00
p>Rick called me this morning shortly after 8:00 AM from his sister Gayle’s house in Barrie. While I have been enjoying temperatures in the low 20’sC, with plenty of sunshine, he has been bundling up to keep warm and dealing with 6 inches of fresh snow. He is visiting family and has successfully surprised a few of them but we are missing each other a lot. I sleep better with him by my side and wander around a little bit lost when he is away. Being sick for a couple of days actually made the time go by faster and like I said before, I am counting down the days before he returns.

Today, I woke up with a slight headache; just enough to not let me forget the migraine I had had for the past three days and Rick’s call woke me up. By noon I was feeling well enough to venture into Cathedral City with Jennifer to get some groceries. After we returned I headed straight for the pool and enjoyed a half hour workout. I have learned that there are certain times when using the lower pool, (the one closest to us) that it is impossible to swim laps and times when the pool is all but deserted. There are a few regulars here who wallow in the pool for two to three hours everyday, yakking and “walking” widths making it impossible to swim lengths. If I go there after 3:00 PM they are in the hot tub and I can have the pool all to myself to swim lengths or laps uninterrupted.

My evening was spent putting away groceries, making a salad for my dinner and watching television. My headache is gone (hopefully for good) and now that I am feeling better, I realize how very fortunate I am. Nothing makes a person appreciate feeling good more than a bout of feeling crappy. That and being around unhealthy, out of shape seniors who just don’t get the relationship between being fit and eating properly really motivates me to maintain a healthy fitness regimen. Ever since I came off my fast, I am even more careful of what passes my lips and with the exception of my “headache” days, I have never felt so good. I don’t ever want to be a pool “wallower” and I will do whatever it takes to stay a healthy swimmer instead.