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Thursday, 08 December 2005 16:00

Fridays are my day to teach a computer class at the Catalina Spa RV Park. I am far from a computer expert but because I have been using them for over 20 years I do know a thing or two. I have never considered myself to be a teacher either (just ask Rick and my kids) but I am feeling quite comfortable in the role. Somehow, I have managed to pull together this class and much to my surprise, the attendance grows weekly.

How I first got involved in this was really unintentional; I’d attended a digital photography class and seemed to know more than the instructor (and I know so little). He asked me if I’d be interested in teaching a class because he really didn’t want to do it and now here I am. Anyway, I am enjoying it and while I wait for the park to get the WIFI system in place we just cover the basics of using a computer. My “students” come from all walks of life, are of all ages but all have RVing in common. Sometimes I learn from them but at the end of the class, no one walks away without learning something new, exactly what a “class” should be.

Today’s class was my first 1:00 PM class, (they used to be at 10:00 AM) and there were 17 people in attendance. I have a 6 page handout, mostly with English definitions of common, often confusing computer terms and some how-to’s to manoeuvring around on a computer. We discuss various kinds of Internet access available for people who live and travel in an RV, what kinds of laptops are out there, their speed, space and portability and how to protect them. The best part of the whole class is that a group of people with a common interest get together to learn from, share with, and help each other with common problems. It is something I look forward to each week and once the park gets the WIFI access up and running, the real fun will begin.

After class today,(it ended around 4:00) I walked around and got some new pictures. Here is our little tomatoe plant and as you can see, it is starting to bear fruit!