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Wednesday, 14 December 2005 16:00

When we converted our home into a bed and breakfast, one of the things we considered to be an important feature was the quality of our breakfast. We served fresh fruit, (organic when available) home made organic granola, fresh, free-range eggs from our own chickens, organic bacon, fresh brewed coffee, organic cream, and “fresh squeezed” orange juice. In Canada, fresh-squeezed orange juice was the one thing I relied on local grocers to provide. Though it wasn’t organic, it was as close to the real thing that was readily available to me. Occasionally, juice oranges became available at a reasonable price (but not often enough) and then I would use them and squeeze our own juice. Hence when we hit the road, we brought our simple, electric citrus-juicer with us.

Today we went for a drive and at one of the intersections near here were a couple of farmers selling “just-picked” oranges from the back of their truck. For $4.00, we bought two huge bags of juicy, sweet oranges. We returned to the motorhome and I squeezed a third of them which produced 1 quart of delicious orange juice. Unlike the store bought “fresh-squeezed”, this juice comes without peel which if covered in pesticides, can be quite bitter and toxic. Even with the US exchange, the price for this wonderful nectar is more than a bargain. Ahhh, the joys of being in California in the winter!!

While I was squeezing oranges, Rick was hanging our new sign from the motorhome so that when we are parked, folks will know who we are. We can put it away while we are travelling but it will be nice to have a placard identifying us to others when we are in other RV Parks. We have found that most RVers do that and it probably is one of the reasons we find them to be such friendly folk.