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Thursday, 15 December 2005 16:00

On Wednesday, before our dinner date with Rich and Laura we drove to Yucca Valley to a Kawasaki dealer there. It seems Rick had ordered some “needed” parts and while he was away last week, they called to say they were in. When he ordered the parts he thought he had called a dealer in Indio so he was surprised to learn that they were in the opposite direction. It didn’t really matter because the distance was the same; besides I had seen a metaphysical store in Yucca Valley when we drove through there on the bike a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to visit. We also wanted to go back to the Water Canyon Coffee Company for lunch, a great coffee shop we found when we were in the area last March.

First we picked up the bike parts (accessories really) and while Rick opened the boxes to check the contents out, I ventured into New Age Concepts to check out what they had. Along with the usual crystals, incense, essential oils, angel paraphernalia and jewellery they carried books, new and used, and cards.

I have written about the book, “The Messengers” and how it altered my life. Since I first read it in 2002, I have bought three copies because I kept lending them out and not getting them back. The last copy went to the salesman who we purchased our motorhome from and it too was never returned. I have wanted to replace the book for a long time but now it is out of print so I am always looking for a used copy wherever we go. Lo and behold, there on the shelf was a used hard cover version of “The Messengers”. I happily bought it for $7.99 and glanced inside to see that it had an inscription on the inside cover and I thought to myself that I could “white it out” when I got home.

Yesterday I opened the book and read the inscription for the very first time only to discover to my delight that it is signed by Nick Bunick, the subject of the book. I couldn’t believe it! I not only replaced my copy with a hard cover copy, but one signed by the very person the book is about! This is one very happy camper!