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Thursday, 22 December 2005 16:00

It is 9:15 PM and the outside temperature is still 22C; our temperature today reached 27C and the sky was cloud covered. Imagine how hot it would have gotten if we had had clear skies! We are certainly enjoying these unseasonable temperatures and are making good use of them. Rick was up bright and early sweeping away the leaves falling from the tree at the edge of our site. However by this afternoon, the site looked like it hadn’t been touched so the process seems futile. I think he just likes to spend as much time outside as possible to bask in the warm temperatures while they are here.

Later this morning, while we worked out here, Jay headed into town to find a fitness centre, get an oil change and wash his car. He has been able to locate gyms along the way on his trip here enabling him to maintain his routine and his car was in need of a cleaning after travelling through the mountains in Utah and Colorado. When he returned from town I had gone to teach the computer class so he and Rick decided to play pickle ball after lunch. (I managed to get a picture of them batting the ball back and forth when my class was done.)

This evening the three of us headed to Costco and Clark’s to stock up on food supplies for Christmas. We then tried the third Thai restaurant in a week for dinner, still searching for the best one in the valley. Though the food was delicious, their mild dishes were just too spicy for Rick and so our search will continue. In the meantime we’ll just have to make do with some home cooking where I control the “heat” of the dish and my hubby can enjoy it.