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Wednesday, 28 December 2005 16:00

Today Karley, Ian and Makai were scheduled to arrive here at noon. Bill and Laura decided to have a day to explore the area on their own and then join us later for dinner. This morning before the arrival of the latest family members, Rick did some work outside while I went for a swim in the pool and Jay headed into Palm Springs to work out. Because we were late for the arrival of Bill and Laura, we were determined to be at the airport long before the plane from Vancouver touched down at noon, when it was scheduled to land.

Bill and Laura borrowed Jay’s car for the day so Jay used our car to go to the gym with the plan to be back at the park by 11:00 AM, giving us plenty of time to be at the airport on time. At 10:50, I decided to go online to check on the progress of the Harmony Air flight that Karley, Ian and Makai were flying in on. Aghhh!!! Not only did they take off from Vancouver 15 minutes late, but the plane had made such great progress that it was scheduled to arrive 45 minutes early! Even if Jay was on time, we would be hard pressed to get to the airport in time and he was 15 minutes late! We sped off to the airport and though we didn’t get to greet the family as they got off the plane, we met them at the baggage carousel where they were still waiting for their luggage.

The family had a good flight with Makai falling asleep in his mom’s arms as soon as the plane took off from Vancouver. The sleep got him here in great spirits and though shy for a millisecond, Makai remembered his Granni even though he hasn’t seen me since September. I guess those one-way chats I have with him on the phone regularly paid off because it was obvious he recognized my voice. Of course he knew his Grandpa right away because they had seen each other last, only a few weeks ago. Tonight we all went out for dinner knowing that though we are missing Jamie, Mary and Angie, it was nice to have most of our family together again.