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Thursday, 29 December 2005 16:00

Last night right after dinner, Karley, Ian, and Rick returned to the park to put a sleepy Makai to bed while Jay, Bill, Laura and I went to the Palm Springs street fair. Laura makes beautiful candles and I wanted to show her some I had seen at a vendor’s booth at the fair. I thought perhaps she could use some of the ideas in her candle making business back in Ontario but wouldn’t you know it…the vendor was nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile back at the park, Karley and Ian were attempting to settle an overtired little boy into bed. With the new surroundings and an unfamiliar bed Makai was not about to quickly fall asleep and when we returned to the park, he was wailing loudly. According to Karley, it took some time for the little guy to settle down and he was awake at 2:00 AM as well… not a restful sleep for anyone in the family.

Despite all being tired, this morning Karley and Ian brought Makai over to the motorhome so we could baby-sit while they headed to the outlet mall to shop. Their Christmas at home was pretty low key as both Ian and Makai were sick with the flu so this shopping expedition was their gift to each other. Meanwhile babysitting Makai was their gift to us and Rick took to the task with great enthusiasm while I swam, and got organized for my computer class. Later, after class, I found Jay, Bill and Laura helping with the baby-sitting process as well.

Karley and Ian came back from their excursion armed with bags of goodies and found their happy little offspring returning from the pool with his Grandpa. Makai had a great day with his Granni and Grandpa, his Uncle Bill, Uncle Jay and Auntie Laura; we all had fun playing with Makai and Karley and Ian had fun having some time to pamper each other while their little guy was is good hands. It seems that all the generations of our family (that are here) had a really good day today doing things they seldom get to enjoy.