A Perfect Sunday PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 14 January 2006 16:00

This morning both Angie and I slept in; me until 8:00 and Angie until 9:00 while Rick was up and gone shortly after 7:00 to finish the motorhome that he started detailing yesterday. I haven’t slept in for a long time and Angie has been short on sleep since her first day here so the extra ZZ’s were much needed.

Today I wanted to give both Angie and Jennifer each a Reiki treatment and then Jennifer had planned to give Angie a massage. Though sunny, we are experiencing a “cold” spell (today’s high was 15C) with plenty of wind so I knew we wouldn’t be missing any great weather. After lunch, Angie lay on the massage table and our Reiki session began. (It is at this point, those of you who are sceptics or non-believers should stop reading.)

Whenever I give a Reiki treatment, I ask if there are any spirit guides, Reiki guides and spirits of deceased loved ones or anyone of the Angelic realm who wishes to assist with the session to come forth and help. Lately, I have been getting plenty of assistance and they show me themselves (clearly) and share messages. Today was no exception because Angie’s late great-Aunt Sandra came through so profoundly. It was a most unusual experience but she showed me plenty of signs and I plainly “heard” her name so there was no confusion. My Reiki experience with Jennifer was no less eventful and I finished my sessions feeling such a deep sense of gratitude. I have had many experiences similar to these in recent weeks, with each one being unique and amazingly accurate and I feel so totally blessed.

The best part about Reiki is that we all benefited from it; we know that there is Something (Someone) out there far greater than us and we are all connected to It (Him/Her) AND each other. We had a perfect Sunday!