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Friday, 19 May 2006 16:00

This morning was the beginning of day three with a migraine headache and it was definitely wearing me down. I used to suffer frequently from migraines but in the past few years they have become a very rare event and I forgot how paralyzing they can be. Yesterday, I incorrectly thought I had overcome the migraine that started in the wee hours of Thursday morning and I spent most of the day popping ibuprofen just to get through it. We had planned to go to the Eugene Saturday Market today but the way I was feeling when I woke up, it was looking like an impossibility. Then I asked Rick to place his hands on my head and give me some Reiki and within 20 minutes my headache had eased up tremendously. After a hot shower and some breakfast I was back to feeling normal again at long last.

The forecast was calling for rain and fortunately it was wrong so we headed to the market shortly after 10:00 AM. As we have found in the past, there was a huge variety of organic produce to choose from as well as seedlings and shrubs for spring planting. We bought some fresh vegetables then walked around the crafts booths where we learned that the vendors are all local and they have to make everything they sell themselves in order to set up there. The market was as busy as usual with folks looking for something homegrown or unique and while we shopped we were entertained by a variety of musicians. We ate lunch at a local deli before heading back to the motorhome in time for Rick to watch the NASCAR All-star race on TV.

The migraine that has plagued me for the past few days is officially gone so we are hoping to do some exploring of the area tomorrow. With luck the forecast will be wrong once more (it’s calling for rain again) and we’ll have the opportunity to get some good pictures. It sure is nice to be functioning again and be back in the world of the living!