Time Traveling in Montana PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 September 2006 16:00

This morning we woke up to a beautiful, sunny day; the complete opposite of what was forecast. So much for resting!! Conestoga RV Park is a little way out of downtown White Sulphur Springs but close enough for a good walk. We needed to get some groceries and our legs have returned to normal (sort of) so after breakfast we decided to check out the downtown area on foot.

Downtown White Sulphur Hot Springs was a little like stepping back in time, with the feel of the 50’s. The stores are old, but tidy and their signs are faded. I love “Smalltown” USA where folks are very friendly and they know everyone in town.

This afternoon we took advantage of the great weather a went for a ride back up Hwy 89 to the Memorial Falls in the Lewis & Clark National Forest. The air was fresh and the temperature dropped as low as 12C (53.6F) as we rode up the Kings Hill Scenic By-Way. Thank goodness for leathers! We even hiked into the falls area, a short ½ mile climb, and one our legs felt with every step. (We are gluttons for punishment!)

We’ve driven through Montana several times and everytime we do, we are always awestruck by the beauty of this state. Montana could easily be called the “Log House State” with the amount of log homes we have seen everytime we pass through. In this area, there are several and many are on homesteads with old log barns and log sheds making it easy to imagine how the area might have looked in the 1800’s. Between our ride and our walk downtown, it was like we had stepped back in time!