A Precious Goodbye PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 27 December 2006 16:00

This morning we left Mission and with it, Makai, Karley and Monet, always a difficult thing to do. Little children grow so very fast and every minute with them is precious just as every minute apart from them is agonizing. The MacLachlan family will be joining us in Palm Springs in February so we will be together again soon, but saying goodbye even for a short time is always tough.

By the time Rick packed the car with the same kind of precision used to put together a difficult jigsaw puzzle, Fred, Christine, Rick and I piled into the car and began our trek south to Palm Springs. The weather for the first time since we drove here two weeks ago was sunny, making for a very pleasant drive.

Tonight we arrived in Eugene, Oregon, a city almost like an old friend to Rick and I as we have been here so many times before. Christine and Fred have never been to the west coast of the US so we are taking our time heading back to Palm Springs and doing a little sight seeing along the way.

It wasn’t easy saying goodbye this morning but so far the journey south, being as good as it is, is making it not so painful and we have many precious memories to hold us over until February. We love our young family and we will miss them everyday until they join us in Palm Springs.