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Thursday, 28 December 2006 16:00

Yesterday we stayed overnight in Eugene, Oregon however we decided to try one of the “coupon” book deals and aside from the paper thin towels, the in-room high speed internet didn’t work. I was able to locate a couple of wireless signals, neither strong nor reliable, and I somehow I managed to upload the daily entry but that was it, no proofreading until tonight!

This morning we were on the road early, (7:15) and we drove over to Cathedral City, California through Grant’s Pass. You can see we even have proof that Christine and Fred made it to California! The weather went from being at the freezing mark this morning to a blustery 15C (59F) on the coast and to our delight we enjoyed plenty of sunshine and no fog! We saw the Redwoods, surfers and the ocean; all things that California is famous for.

We stopped in Eureka for “lupper” (a late lunch/early dinner) at a great seafood restaurant downtown and discovered that Eureka is worthy of a return visit someday. Not only is it very quaint but the streets are lined with some very cool architectural buildings which are occupied by plenty of interesting shops.

Tonight we are at a Best Western Hotel just north of San Francisco in Cloverdale. The internet works great, the beds are comfy and we will not only be able to dry our entire bodies with one towel but there will be no risk of defoliation with their texture either; well worth the extra $20 per room!.