Now HERE’s a Sunrise! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Monday, 05 March 2007 11:00

mar 6-07.jpgOne of the neat things about walking early in the morning is that I get to see the sunrise and this morning the sunrise was absolutely spectacular. There are times when I wish my eyes were miniature cameras so I could capture what I see when I walk and share it here. As luck would have it, I was just finishing my walk when the sky got really colourful so I ran into the Moho and grabbed my camera. At 5:00, it was already 15.5C (60F) and as the day progressed the temperature continued to climb, peaking at 29C (84F).

I enjoyed walking without a jacket this morning and during the day it was nice to wear summer clothes again. Is it any surprise to see the pools heavily populated at all hours and the attendance in my classes dropping? Surprised

Tonight Catalina Spa was holding their annual fund-raising Chinese Auction at the upper clubhouse. Folks donate their odds and ends, services and whatever goodies they have kicking around in their rigs that they have no use for. Then depending on the value of each item, they are either set out for a Silent Auction, a Chinese Auction (which is a type of raffling system) or auctioned to the highest bidder in a Live Auction. Aside from the typical “junk” there were some pretty cool items available though nothing we couldn’t live without. Rick put a bid on a couple of things in the Silent Auction but we didn’t hang around to find out if he won. I suppose we’ll find out tomorrow!