Definitely In the Right Place PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Sunday, 04 March 2007 11:00

march 5.jpgSomeone asked me today if I could be considered a computer geek(ette) and with little thought I confidently admitted that I am. I spent two gorgeous days sitting in the Moho working on this website (it seems I am obsessed with getting it finished) and at the rate it is taking Rick figures our social life is in trouble for a year! Does that qualify me as a geek? I think so.

After I wrote about the turn in the weather here yesterday, this morning Rick’s niece sent me a picture of her backyard which I posted in our blog. Today our high reached 27C (80.6F) and as I watched the forecast for Barrie, Ontario, I almost felt guilty. We couldn’t ask for better weather...sorry Taunja!

This morning after Rick finished his daily putting green maintenance, he helped Bryan, our resident Wifi equipment guru install the new, higher powered Wifi antenna on the roof of the upper clubhouse. While he was on the roof he managed to get some pictures of the park and the “Set & Spike” water volleyball game happening in the pool. As you can see, we are certainly in the right place right now!