Happy Birthday Neighbour! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Susan Hollingshead   
Wednesday, 28 February 2007 11:00

mar 1-07.jpgFinally, the weather is back to normal and the wind has died down. This morning I walked for the first time in four days and though it was chilly at first, my legs were happy for the exercise. After three and a half days of heavy winds, we can really appreciate the still air again which warmed up nicely as the day progressed. The whole park seemed brighter and livelier and once everyone picked up their blown over chairs and extended their awnings once again, you’d never know that we were all hunkering down in closed rigs for the past three days.

Today we joined 13 other folks at one of the local casinos for dinner to honour Dail, our next door neighbour, for his 80th birthday. His wife, Sue, my “boss” in the office, had planned a few surprises and the dinner was one of them. She also arranged for several friends and her brothers to be part of the festivities. Sue and Dail’s youngest daughter flew in from Illinois and you can see who she looks like by the picture.

After dinner while Sue and Connie kept Dail occupied elsewhere, a large throng of Dail’s friends gathered in the office where we waited for them to return to the park. Dail was completely unaware of what was in store for him and was very surprised when Sue managed to lure him into the back office where we were all hiding. Dail is well liked by all and based on his activity level and health; it is hard to tell he has reached such a milestone. Happy Birthday Dail!Laughing